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Sustainability Tech | Nike's Making App.

Hey guys! I know... I know its been a minute, but grad. school is keeping me pretty occupied. While I was busy doing research, I stumbled across an interesting article,, talking about Nike's "Making" app and I must say it is pretty awesome! Being that the focus of my Master's is in merchandising and consumer studies, I will be doing a ton of research on sustainability and this app is a great tool for me and for anyone who its wanting information on the sustainability of materials or fabrics they may purchase or use.

 The app provides the environmental impact for materials in the areas of chemistry, water consumption, energy and waste and it compares fabrics so you know which is better for you to use from a sustainable standpoint. It is free for anyone to download (only on iOS), so of course I did and it's amazing how much information this app offers to you. If you every wanted to know the impact of the materials that you wear or materials a certain c…