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Happy 2015!

So we are over a week into the new year and I finally have time to reflect a little on which goals I accomplished and which are still in process (Happy 2014). I decided to not make any new resolutions or goals and just continue to work on the ones I have yet to complete. So last year I had set six goals that I wanted to work on. The first was:
1. Stop procrastinating I definitely feel that I improved on this goal because to get any of my other goals in the works I had to get of my bum and just do it. But this area can definitely use some improvement  when it comes to my school work because I literally can not afford to waste any time. Grad school is hard, but I know this year will be a lot easier than the first semester.
2. Make more time for myself 2014 was a big year for me, myself, and I. I feel I did focus on myself more than I have in a long time. Lets see, I decided to go natural with my hair...since June 2014, I learned how to read Hangul which has improved my Korean learning wi…