Monday, September 30, 2013

ZARA Wish-list

ZARA Wish-list

Zara has some really amazing pieces this fall and I wanted to share some of the items I am currently lusting over. I hope to acquire most of these and get them in my closet soon!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Fashion Ed: Fashion Adoption Theory

When a style or trend debuts, whether it's trying out a new BB cream or obtaining a pair of trendy cut out boots, when would you say it is that you catch on or adapt to a trend? The fashion adoption theory was one of my favorite theories to learn, as it tells you how a style or trend starts and ends.

Fashion Adoption: A process on how and individual accepts and purchases a new fashion or a style. This innovation adaption curve plots out the five categories and basically shows that with time, any new style or trends popularity rises and eventually fades.

Innovation Adaption Curve

There are five categories that describe how early a consumer adopts a new fashion compared with others: Fashion Innovators, Fashion Opinion Leaders, Mass Market Consumers, Late Fashion Followers, and Fashion Isolates and Laggards.

Tartan is trending right now, so I feel that it would be a great example to follow.

Fashion Innovators
Yves Saint Laurent-Metro.US

Consumers who adopt a new fashion soon after it appears on the market relatively earlier than most other consumers. This category usually consists of socialites, models and actresses who shop and can afford to purchase the latest styles when they are first offered or shown on the runway.

Fashion Opinion leaders
Hello Magazine

Those who have a genuine interest and love for fashion that they adopt the style and contribute to its rise in popularity. They communicate information about new fashion to where  other people are influenced by them to accept or reject it. Fashion magazines, popular fashion bloggers along with fashion innovators would be in this category. Retail buyers pay very close attention to fashion opinion leaders  for they can spark or end a trend.

Mass Market Consumers
Neiman Marcus
This would be the category I would  say that most people fall into. Once a style/trend is well accepted, it will become widely available in retail stores which leads mass market consumers to adopt it.

Late Fashion Followers

The trend will eventually start waning down and the adoption levels start to drop off. At this point the late fashion followers will adopt the trend. 

Fashion Isolates and Laggards

Consumers who adopt the style because of social acceptance or of its availability at low and discounted prices. At this point you will start to see the style/trend available at off-price and discount stores.

Well there you have it. This of course is just my explanation of the fashion adoption theory and hopefully you were able to follow along and learn something new. Which category would you say you fall into?

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Monday, September 16, 2013

A lil obsessed: Tory Burch Charlie Box Chain Necklace

I am not that much of a jewelry person, I'm a studs and one ring kind of girl, but I am hyperventilating over this beautiful necklace. Box or curb chain necklaces are a classic staple that every girl should have in their jewelry box and I am currently devoid of one. I was recently browsing through Wendy's Lookbook (I absolutely love her) and one of my favorite looks from her is here. I love the look but my eyes went straight to the necklace and now it is all I can think about. It is sold out and I cannot seem to find it anywhere but I will find this necklace if it is the last thing I do!