Thursday, January 8, 2015

Happy 2015!

So we are over a week into the new year and I finally have time to reflect a little on which goals I accomplished and which are still in process (Happy 2014). I decided to not make any new resolutions or goals and just continue to work on the ones I have yet to complete. So last year I had set six goals that I wanted to work on. The first was:

1. Stop procrastinating
I definitely feel that I improved on this goal because to get any of my other goals in the works I had to get of my bum and just do it. But this area can definitely use some improvement  when it comes to my school work because I literally can not afford to waste any time. Grad school is hard, but I know this year will be a lot easier than the first semester.

2. Make more time for myself
2014 was a big year for me, myself, and I. I feel I did focus on myself more than I have in a long time. Lets see, I decided to go natural with my hair...since June 2014, I learned how to read Hangul which has improved my Korean learning with Rosetta Stone, and I learned how to code a little bit just to name a few.

3. Learn how to cook...properly
Hmm...I helped cook Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners...that counts right? Well the house didn't burn down so I guess that's a plus.

4. Travel more
I was able to take a nice beach trip right before I started school but was not able to do any road trips until recently when I rode back to Georgia with my lil sis so she wouldn't make the drive alone. At least I was able to go somewhere. It could have easily have been that I did absolutely nothing so I'm grateful.

5. Finish what I start
So I definitely finished my GRE cause without which I would have not been able to get into grad school, and because I learned how to read Hangul, I decided to restart Rosetta stone to get a better learning experience. Done and done!

6. Be a more conscious consumer
With this goal, I feel I have gained the most knowledge. Because my master's program is in merchandising and consumer studies, I get to study consumer behavior and research sustainability issues. One of my projects involved taking the role of a sourcing executive which duties include    sourcing everything from where the raw materials are coming from to the factory they are being manufactured and all of the environmental and ethical issues in-between. This has made me so conscious that it is hard for me to want to purchase just regular groceries let alone clothing with out  knowing where it has come from. I'm looking forward to posting on this topic and more. 

So it seems some goals are still a work in progress, but I know that this year I will knock them out! Here's to a great 2015!